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Hair Growth Activator (HGA)

HGA is formulated to promote healthier and fuller looing hair. The unique formula contains multi peptides and other essential nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals to improve the overall appearance for your hair.

Growth Factors (Peptides)

Human growth factors, intricate peptide molecules naturally produced by our body, play a crucial role in regulating cell division and regeneration. They orchestrate the growth and reproduction of epithelial cells, stimulate collagen synthesis, and facilitate the formation of blood vessels.

This realm of knowledge emerged from the pioneering work of American Biochemist Stanley Cohen and Rita Levi-Montalcini, who illuminated the role of growth factors in cellular growth and development. Their groundbreaking contributions earned them the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1986, setting the stage for further exploration.

The avenue of research subsequently led to the development of bio-recombinant technology for synthesizing growth factors. Widely used in clinical anti-aging medicine, this innovation has revolutionized skin rejuvenation, particularly for those discerning enough to harness the potency of growth factors.

In the realm of hair growth, the potential of growth factors has gained recent prominence in hair loss treatment. These growth factors, responsible for hair growth, have been identified and incorporated as pivotal components in hair loss treatment products. Their mechanism involves activating dormant hair follicles, augmenting blood circulation in the scalp, and extending the hair's growth phase.

In our pursuit of delivering the most potent and pioneering hair loss treatment, we have harnessed the power of bio-engineered growth factors to invigorate and nourish hair follicles. These growth factors are meticulously designed to emulate the body's innate processes, propelling hair growth and revitalization through a secure and precise approach. Our growth factors emerge from extensive research and development, ensuring their efficacy and safety for our esteemed patients.

Growth factors represent the vanguard of hair loss solutions, epitomizing the potential of bio-technology. At Hairgen, we've seamlessly integrated these bio-technology-driven peptides into our holistic treatment approach. When harmonized with sophisticated techniques like microneedling, oxygen infusion, iontophoresis, and low-level light therapy, these peptides form a potent synergy, elevating the overall effectiveness of our natural hair loss treatment. Contact us today to unveil how our advanced hair loss treatment can pave the way for a fuller and healthier mane.

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